Name Alistair
Age 6
Race Caucasian

Job Orphan Child
First Appearance Shame on Pee
Alistair is a poor orphan child who appeared in the episode Shame on Pee. He is a kid from a musical orphanage who wants to be with a family.


Alistair appeared in the episode Shame on Pee when Keith Senior was disappointed in his son for having a lame party and attempted to file an adoption to replace him. He was about to adopt Alistair, when he saw on the TV that the party made the news. He canceled his plans for adopting him and sent him back to the musical orphanage again. Alistair was disappointed, but hopeful for being adopted in the future and so he and Mr. Brown sang the song Try Another Day as they left to go back to the orphanage.


Alistair is a little white boy with short and shaggy blonde hair. He wears a brown stained hat and a white shirt, a black vest, and a blue ripped and messy jean jacket. He also wears brown pants.


Alistair is a very happy and cheery little orphan child with high expectations for the world. He is currently an orphan, but he aspires to be adopted and have a real family. He is very nice and polite and even when he is turned down, he does not let that damper his mood and obtains high hopes for being adopted soon and he never gives up.


  • Alistair and the concept of him being at a musical orphanage is a parody on the famous musical Annie.

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