Name Unknown
Age 30's or 40's
Race Caucasian

Job Doctor
First Appearance Winter Is Staying
The Doctor is a doctor who works at the Oak Grove hospital. She is a recurring character in Golan the Insatiable.


The doctor first appeared in the episode Winter Is Staying, where she delivered Carole and Golan the bad news about Dylan breaking her legs. She told them that Dylan is paralyzed and won't be able to walk again. Carole pushed the doctor out of the way and onto the floor, saying that she doesn't get to say that about her daughter, and that she will revive Dylan's legs just fine.

The doctor appeared again in the episode Shell-Raiser, where she was taking care of Carole after she ripped her arm socket. She told her that she would go back in time to stop her from breaking her arm in the first place. And so she got into a cabinet which took her back in time, only for her to find out that it was too late. Then, she found a stand where they were looking to hire a time-travelling doctor and thought she would be great at doing that job.


The doctor is a tall woman with a big orange afro-like perm and pink pearl earrings. She wears a white doctor's coat, gray pants and white shoes. She has blue eyes and wears black eyeliner. Despite her feminine appearance, she speaks in a very deep and masculine voice.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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