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Dylan Buechler is a character in the original series of web comics/articles who acted as Golan's Herald of Arms in his political advisory committee, and was also the precedent for Dylan Beekler in the cartoon. There are several differences between Dylan Buechler and Dylan Beekler, including: sex, age, physical attributes, and a few incongruities between their personalities.


Buechler is a moderately-tall highschool sophomore with long hair and a smattering of acne. He wears heavy-metal t-shits and is mistaken for a Goth by the jocks at school. He is illustrated to wear a t-shirt, cape, jeans, sneakers and spiked bracers like both Golan and Dylan Beekler.


His personality is much like Dylan Beeklers, but with a few differences. Like Beekler, he boasts an undying and unquestioning loyalty to his Godlord Terrible of Gkruool, and spends a lot of time talking up the Fist of Golan and trying to expand the cult. He dutifully runs errands like printing off posters at the Kinkos, and such. Buechler is prone to loudly preaching about Golan in the school cafeteria and was the only person who didn't cower and flee when Golan first arrived in Oak Grove. He is, however, much more of a nerd than his cartoon counterpart. He is the treasurer of the World of Warcraft club and is allegedly called a "Goth retard" every morning at school.


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