Keith's Mom
Name Go-Go Knudsen
Age 30's or 40's
Race Caucasian

Job Unknown
First Appearance On Golan Pond
Voiced By Cree Summer
Go Go Knudsen is the mother of Keith Knudsen Jr.. She is a hot, but dumbass bimbo party girl who wears a hot bikini and has implanted tits. She appeared in the episode On Golan Pond. She is voiced by Cree Summer.


Go Go is a skinny, curvy, sexualized lady. Her body is mostly plastic. She has oversized boobs that have breast implants in them. She has big, poofy, blonde hair. She wears a light blue bikini and pink loop earrings. She has green eyes and pink lips. She has very tanned skin which is a spray on tan that makes her skin look kind of orange. She also has a black dot next to her nose. She wears light blue high heels in the same color as her bikini.


Go Go is a crazy, dumbass bimbo who's obsessed with drinking and partying. She's the kind of girl who gets gigantic breast implants and takes pride in them. She is very stupid and she never thinks about the things that she does, and just goes out and does them no matter how dangerous they are. She does stuff like zip lining, while shooting a gun around, and having a flat screen installed at the bottom of a hot tub, and swimming in a lake full of leeches.


  • She is voiced by Cree Summer. The same person who voice acted for Foxxy Love in Drawn Together.
  • Go Go got her right breast implant on Christmas, and her right breast implant on Valentine's day.