Golan's Mom is the unnamed and unseen mother of Golan the Insatiable. She has never been seen, but she has been mentioned on a few occasions in the series. She is usually described as a "whore" by Golan, implying that he disliked her and their relationship with each other was very negative.


Golan's mom was first mentioned in the episode Shell-Raiser. After Golan and Dylan failed at their plan to poison the town chili bowl. Golan said that her mom, "the whore" was right about him being a screw-up. He said that he doesn't belong in an evil cult and deserves to be in Florida, with the rest of the dumbass screw-ups.

In the episode On Golan Pond, Golan was dying and heard Carole's voice calling him. He thought that this was his moms voice and told Dylan that he thinks he heard her and once again called her a "whore". Dylan then corrected him, realizing that "that whore was actually her mother."

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