This is a list of episodes of Golan the Insatiable.

Pilot SeasonEdit

no. Episode title Original air date
01 Ragin' Fun November 23, 2013
02 A Pox on Your Pox January 11, 2014
03 Escape to Tooth Mountain January 18, 2014
04 Deer Uncle Gerald January 25, 2014
05 I Can Smell That Cheap Clone from Here February 1, 2014
06 Dylan Crushes Reading March 1, 2014

Season OneEdit

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
Golan the Insatiable pilot "Pilot" May 31, 2015 1 1 1
A lonely, goth girl named Dylan finds a magic book and summons a giant demon named Golan into her dimension.
Winter is Staying "Winter Is Staying" June 7, 2015 2 2 2
After a long, Minnesotan winter, spring is just around the corner and Dylan and Golan are dismayed that the gloomy weather will be ending so soon.
Golan-2 "Shame on Pee" Jule 14, 2015 3 3 3
Dylan tries hiding her embarrassing bed wetting problem from her new school crush. Meanwhile, Keith is determined to make his 17th birthday news worthy.
Shellraiser "Shell-Raiser" June 28, 2015 4 4 4
Dylan gets a pet turtle with a deadly disease and plans on using it as a weapon.
Ongolanpond "On Golan Pond" July 12, 2015 5 5 5
The Beekler family is invited to the Knudsen's summer home.
Golan and Dylan bust through the roof "Golan the Impregnable" July 19, 2015 6 6 6
Golan makes new plans on becoming the king of the Oak Grove High School homecoming dance.