Log Baby

Normal Baby

Log Baby

Name Unknown
Age 2
Race Firewood

Job Minor
First Appearance Winter Is Staying
Voiced By N/A
The Log Baby is a log of firewood that is treated like a baby. It appeared in the episode Winter Is Staying. Two Minnesotan parents had their baby die in a car accident and they're being blissfully ignorant about it by replacing it with a log of firewood and pretending that it's their baby.


The Log Baby appeared in the episode Winter Is Staying. Here, a couple and their baby were in a car crash and they were then stranded at the bottom of a ditch in the middle of winter. They built a campfire to keep them warm, but it soon turned out that they accidentally switched out their baby with the firewood, when the woman found out that she had a log, rolled up in a blanket, where the baby was supposed to be. This could mean that the real baby was burned in the campfire.

Later in the episode, the parents were seen with the log again. They were in their own house and they were apparently pretending that the log was their baby. The log was in a high chair with a birthday hat on and it had a cake infront of it. They wished it a happy birthday and told it to blown out the candles, just as Golan and Dylan smashed through the house, blowing out the candles with their gust of wind.

The log baby was later seen in the play of The Last Snowflake, where it had apparently come to life. The log was playing the part of one of the rays of sunlight as it was seen moving on the stage.

The log baby was seen once again, at the climactic fight scene of the episode. It was one of the members of Alexis' army against Golan. The log baby was seen climing up the wall, before Golan grabbed it and used it as a weapon to smash another kid off of his head and then throw it away.