Margaret from the Pilot

Mackenzie B's Mom

Name Margaret
Age Late 30's or 40's
Race Caucasian

Job Unknown
First Appearance Ragin' Fun (Non-Speaking) (Pilot Series), Pilot (Actual Series)
Voiced By Maria Bamford
Margaret is the mother of Mackenzie B.


Margaret first appeared in the pilot episode Ragin' Fun, where she had no speaking lines. She was seen sitting in the Mayor's office with Mackenzie and it was said that they got custody of the town gazebo for Mackenzie's birthday party. She was also seen making a shocked face when Golan and Dylan threatened Mackenzie but she had no lines and didn't do anything.

In A Pox on Your Pox, Margaret came with Mackenzie B to Carole's book club, where she read erotic books to them. Mackenzie's Mom made Mackenzie go down into the basement to play with the kids of the other moms to keep her oblivious to what she was doing, only for Mackenzie to be kidnapped and infected by Golan and Dylan.

She was also in the episode Dylan Crushes Reading with Mackenzie B when they were at the camp for teaching Dylan how to read.


Unlike all of the other adults in Oak Grove, Margaret doesn't have the Minnesota nice personality and instead has sort of a bombshell girl personality. She is very sassy and gossips about the other moms behind their backs to their friends.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Pilot Season



  • She is one of the few minor characters to have undergone drastic character design changes in between the pilot episodes and actual series.
    • In the pilot, Margaret had a skinny, simpler face with blue eyes. She also wore a pink long-sleeved sweater. In the series, Margaret has a rounder face with a more animated appearance. She wears a dark red sleeveless dress. She also has white earrings and her eyes are no longer blue.
  • Margaret is voiced by Maria Bamford, who also voices Carole. Another mom in the neighborhood.
    • Maria Bamford is also very well known for voicing characters from many other animated television shows, including Slime Princess from Adventure Time and Shriek from Catdog.

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