Mrs. Budnick
Mrs. Budnick
Name Mrs. Budnick
Age Late 80's or 90's
Race Caucasian

Job Elementary School Teacher
First Appearance Ragin' Fun (pilot) Pilot (series)
Voiced By Kaitlyn Robrock
Mrs. Budnick is Dylan's angry teacher at Oak Grove Elementary. She is voiced by Kaitlyn Robrock.


Mrs. Budnick first appeared in the pilot episode Ragin' Fun, where she was in the Mayor's office, making a propaganda to straighten the bent stop sign on third street. When Golan busted in to make a threat and rent out the gazebo, Mrs. Budnick stopped him to tell him that he has to fill out the proper form for that. Golan screeched at her, telling her that every time he tries to do that on the internet, it gives him some wierd messaging box that he knows nothing about, telling him that he can't do that.

Mrs. Budnick also appeared again in the episode A Pox on Your Pox, as one of the neighborhood women attending Carole's book club, where she did nothing but read erotic fan fictions.

Mrs. Budnick also appeared again in the episode Dylan Crushes Reading, where she made Dylan get up and read to the whole class, revealing that she doesn't know how to read. Angry at Dylan for doing this, she moved her to a different class where she would have to learn how to read.

Mrs. Budnick first appeared in the actual series in the Pilot episode. After Dylan attacked Mackenzie B, Mrs. Budnick stepped in, screaming in her face and dragging her away, to suspend her from school. She was later seen confronting Golan in the courtroom, demanding him to fill out the proper forms for taking over the world and killing everyone. She was seen again when the backpack showed a flashback of Dylan's class where she got suspended again for firing a flaming arrow into Mrs. Budnick's back.

She returned in the episode Shame on Pee, where she was seen rudely introducing Swingley to the class. She also told everyone that Dylan wets the bed when the fire alarms were set off, humiliating her in front of everyone. It later turned out that this was only a dream.


Mrs. Budnick is an extremely old lady who is fat and wrinkly. He has gray hair that she wears up in a bun with a light bluw ponytail holder. She wears a blue shirt and dark blue sweatpants and black shoes. She has golden pearl earrings and dark brown glasses. She is a very out of shape woman and her boobs droop down below her waist. She speaks in a very high and cranky voice.


Mrs. Budnick is an angry old lady. She is always being annoyed and disappointed with everything and when she's not teaching class at school, she spends most of her time complaining and making propagandas in the Mayor's office. She is very easily angered and has multiple outbursts of screaming in rage at everything that pisses her off.

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