Name Shomoculus
Age Immortal (Deceased)
Race Gkruoolian (Possibly)

Job Shame Feeder
First Appearance Shame on Pee
Voiced By N/A
The Shomoculus also known as the Shame Monster is a demonic creature that feeds off of the shame of others. He was trapped inside of Golan's body, being repressed inside and not being able to escape because of how he never felt any shame. He appeared in the episode Shame on Pee.


The Shomoculus is a giant, purple, spiritual being that's physical appearance is in the shape of a demon. It has giant horns on the sides of it's head and huge, muscular arms with three fingers on each end. Each finger has a sharp claw portruding from it. He has glowing red eyes and a mouth full of fangs.


The Shomoculous is a very evil and sadistic being whose only purpose in life is to cause the suffering and destruction of others. It takes it's power from the shame of other people and feeds off of people's shamefulness to grow stronger and more powerful. The Shomoculous is overall, a reckless, destructive monster that knows nothing but how to be pure evil.