Swingley's Boyfriend
Swingley's Boyfriend
Name Unknown
Age 6 (Presumably)
Race African American

Job Student
First Appearance Shame on Pee
Voiced By N/A
Swingley's Boyfriend is the unnamed boyfriend of Swingley from the episode Shame on Pee. He is a voiceless boy so it is unknown what his voice sounds like and he has no voice actor.


At the end of the episode Shame on Pee, Dylan had finally defeated the shame-feeding Shomoculus by admitting her darkest and most embarrassing secret, which was that she was in love with Swingley. She admitted this secret right to his face. After the Shomoculus died, Dylan said that "She had a boyfriend", assuming that she and Swingley were dating after this, but then came to the shocking conclusion that she was wrong when Swingley said "You have a boyfriend? me too!" as another little boy walked up on screen, who was apparently Swingley's Boyfriend. Dylan was paralyzed in shock and misery to hear this, while Golan laughed in her face, making fun of her for it. Swingly and his boyfriend held hands with each other, and they walked away together. They went off into the forest, all romantic, just as the episode happily ended.